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Very cinematic. Made me feel like I was actually watching a high quality movie (probably cuz I was.) I must say that there was a nice choice in music going with Chasing Truth. Possibly my favorite song from an anime in general. Not sure what else to say other than fantastic job. Keep it up.


Fantastic all around.

Really nothing more that I can say. Just one question. What song is it theat plays at the fire Sonic part cuz it's awesome and I'm thinking of using it in a flash I have in mind. Thanks ahead and once more good job.


Love it.

For some reason I like the theme song and no matter how much this makes no sense I still love it.


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I love it.

I decided not to write a review until i got at least one song. Fantastic I love every aspect about this game even the guitar hero type mini game. This song I hope to put into a flash that I have planned out.
(Shadowstalker Theme)-jat-gat-gcz-cbt-gbt-sdfdfdfdfb t-EbF-gbF-gcF-acF-aah-cah-cah-cah-cah -cah-cah-cah-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-K,hU-cij-aio-c hV-cik-chV-cik-ain-ain-cnb-cnb-cnw-cn w-ciA-cil-ciA-ciP-kia-gia-gia-cia-cnL -cnL-cnz-gpm-cjb-cjq-cjb-cix-cjb-cjq-
adr-efQ-cfQ-cgl-Z-cgv-cgv-cgo-cgo-gdA -cdA-cdA-cdA-cdA-cdA-cdA-cdA-Z-Z-Z-Z-
Z-K,ev-ceO-aeU-cex-ceQ-cex-ceQ-aeT-ae T-cgp-cgp-cgK-gfk-ceR-cfk-cfk-oeX-geX -ceX-ceX-cgU-cgU-cgN-cgN-gfg-cfg-cfg-

Love it.

Nice choice in music, nice animation, nice concept for a game. Pretty much one of the best games I've played here in a while. Good job.



As anyone who knows me will tell you, I don't like techno music but for this I have to make an exception for this. Awesome job. This is so gonna be a favorite.

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Yet another instafav ok. This track is just yes. So heavy, so freaking awesome. I swear your music brings out my creative spirit lol. Once again, a fantastic job. Not much else I can say aside from that. Keep it up breh.


Burn7 responds:

:DDD I'm glad you enjoyed it man! I felt like it wasn't fast enough, so I sped it up to like 280 bpm (it's at 230 now). But after having it like that for a while I brought it back down because I felt that if I was going to keep it a solid tempo (as opposed to a tempo change at like 4:00 into the song, which I did consider) I would just keep it slower for more "buildup" potential of my transitions/bridges.

It makes me smile to know I can bring you some inspiration from my stuff, glad I can use some of this free time wisely :3

You good sir, need to stop being so epic at music making. The vocals are actually pretty good in my opinion. That's just me though. Just saying. Everything else? What can I say man. Has that epic Burn7 feel we've come to love over the years. Keep it coming m8. Great job all around. Kthxbai!!!!


Decided to log in to my Facebook. See this in my feed. Fanboy like no other immediately. This was freaking great for a WiP. Loving it so far and can't wait to hear the final version since it sounds so great already. Keep it up dude.


Burn7 responds:

Haha! Glad somebody could enjoy it!

Thanks for checking in! :D

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I friggin hate you.

Jk but your art is something to be amazed with. This one in particular is awesome and so is your flash.

Keep it up man.



I'm so jealous you rock at drawing sora and I love all of your work especially your Kingdom Hearts stuff.
Great job once again.


I'm officially in awe...

This has to be THE best weapons array that I've ever seen.
They're so detailed and just ama zing. Love your work.

Don't ask.

Just me.

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